Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saving money is not always about being a cheapskate.

When I tell somebody what sort of website I run, I get one of a couple reactions:
  • "Oh, cool, can you find me a good deal on (insert random obscure object here)?"
  • "Haha I may as well call you Scrooge from now on."
Number one, although occasionally frustrating, isn't what bothers me. The second response is irritating, as it completely misses the point of what I try to do. Finding deals isn't about saving a few pennies so you can hoard them in a big vault. Finding good deals is about enriching your life by seemingly coming up with extra money out of nowhere.

Let's say you need a new computer. You price one up at Dell, and it's going to run you $1199. If you end up saving $300 on that computer because of a nice coupon that Dell is running, that's $300 more that you can use to enjoy life. Take your sweetheart on a road trip. Take your parents out to dinner. Buy a dachshund.

Frugality isn't about saving money just for the sake of saving. It's about spending a little bit of time researching in exchange for an increase in the quality of your life. We don't have a lot of time here - enjoy it while you can. There's something to be said about saving up, but remember that it's all worthless unless you enjoy yourself along the way.


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